7 Tips On How To Hide Hair Extension Wefts

When you wear or choose your hair extensions, the most important is how to choose and then how to hide wefts of hair extensions. This article will help you learn how to choose hair extensions and how to hide hair extensions. We have done many experiments and acquired many inquiries, and we have concluded 7 tips on how to hide hair extension wefts.

1. Use about 2 to 4 wefts of the hair extension

The most important thing is to know how much hair you need. Most hair bags carry a lot of hair, and most of the time, you don't need all your hair. Maybe I would recommend half the hair or 2 or 4 weft yarns per head. If you need more, it's a little tricky. But it really depends on the shape of your head and how much hair you have.
When you grab all your hair in a ponytail, the thickness of the ponytail is how much hair you are going to need for adding. It looks pretty seamless.

2. Add the hair extensions in the right area, don’t add wefts of the hair extension too high

Talk about how to add weft in hair to increase hair volume. This simple technique can make a big difference, that is, using hair reception on the head and don’t add wefts of the hair extension too high. There is no doubt that the place where weft yarn is used is very thin. In general, when applying weft yarn, we should not fix it in the position of the hairline we create.

3. Don’t add the hair extension close to your crown

Most people should adhere to extensions higher than their eyebrow line rules. Period. Higher than this may make your natural hair too little, may belong to sparse, and can't properly hide those annoying clips. If you want them to mix, it's a big problem. Again, if you insist on adding hair on your head, you'll have all the hair you need to hide the weft on your head. Stylist tip: you can try to straighten your real hair with modeling tools so that it can mix with weft to complement each other.

4. Clip wefts on your comfortable area, it’s unnecessary to clip it too close to your scalp

If you go for an application of the wefts a bit farther down your natural hair shafts you will allow a bit more movement to your hair. This will leave it looking a bit more natural. Plus many find it feels a lot more comfortable to wear them when applied this way.

5. When you apply the tracks and clip them up, leave some natural hair fall over the extension.

Go a little bit lower of the hairline which will leave some natural hair falling over the extension, That would give us a little bit more movement and makes the hair look a little more natural.

6. Use the extension to comb a bit of area which will secure the wefts of hair extensions.

Another thing people will do is to tease the bottom section. If you have that problem with your hair extensions slipping off, you could do that. Actually, teasing hair can be applied to the top section hair of the hairline.

7. Add hairspray if you don't want it to be crunchy or hold the tease.

Basically, to create this wall on the receiving weft, we can divide the part into two or three to make fun of them. If you don't want it to be crisp or not provocative, we can definitely add a little flexible hair gel.

After you tease all the parts, we need to train them so that they won't fly. Check it with a mirror to make sure you don't split, but it should definitely hide the weft. Move your head and you know it won't show. Once you feel that your hair is not broken, spray it with a flexible spray so that the rest of the top hair goes down.

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