How to Care for Synthetic Wigs?

Ensuring proper care of your wig enhances its extended life as the wearer looks great. There are some hair wig care tips that ensure the long life of the wig.

There is bound to be difference between a human wig and a 5 *5 blonde closure wig. Take note of the fact that the materials are different so that you need to take proper care of the wig. If you are looking to wash a synthetic wig like a natural hair wig then you may end up with a fully damaged wig.

You have to check the biological hair. The follicle of each hair would start under the strained of the hair. As far as synthetic hair is concerned it turns out to be a different game altogether. Most of us have not be able to replicate natural hair, but we have reached close. Coming to the strands of a synthetic hair they are man- made and various materials are used in wigs.

How to Start Taking Care of a Synthetic Wig

The moment you receive a new synthetic wig, give it a wash before you wear it. Even before you wash it detangle the strands. An easy way to detangle is to mount the wig on the wig stand. It is a pinch lay the wig on top of the wig towel or even lying on the flat top will be doing the job for you.

Starting at the bottom of the wig make sure that you use a wide toothed comb. No point in using an average brush like you will be using on your biological hair. It may turn out to be damaging way to damage the fibres. Using such a brush would protect the hair from damage.

The process of Washing a Synthetic Wig

  • The 5 *5 blonde closure wig is to be worn gently
  • The wig needs to be brushed with a wig brush before you wash to remove the tangles as the spray would build up
  • The wig is to be washed regularly. For about 30 wears you may wash the wig, or once in every 4 to 6 weeks. There are some protocols in place to be washing a synthetic wig
  • Using of wig shampoo along with other wig related products that would be formulated for wig fibres
  • To help soft dryness resort to the use of wig conditioner, and ensure the mobility and the lustre of the user. The conditioner makes sure that the original style pattern of the wig is resorted

By following the above process you can wash the wig properly.

  • The wig is to be air dried where you can hang it loosely on the wig stand or spray makes sure that the wig would replicate a healthy and manageable fibre. If you place the wig on a blockhead it may damage the blockhead and the wig cap will be ruined.

Take note of the fact just like real hair, you do not have to wash your synthetic wig often. When it comes to a synthetic wig once in a week rule would suffice. Once again you should not be using the same products that is used on the natural hair.

To wash first you need to fill the sink with cold water. Only a small tinge of shampoo is necessary and a tablespoon would suffice. The shampoo should be worked through the wig properly. Remember that you shampoo and the cap is to be cleaned. After washing the shampoo repeat the process with a conditioner. If you are able to do so opt for a live in conditioner.

After the process of washing you need to dry the hair. When it is a 5 *5 blonde closure wig allow the wig to hair dry or a wig stand and it can be at a similar place. Let us repeat the process of air dry. This same logic would be applicable for heat friendly wigs as keep the hair dryer away.

How to Style the Synthetic Wig

  • Wigging tools specially designed for wigs are to be used. An example is a wig cap underneath; a wig would result in a more comfortable user experience. The cap is bound to secure your natural hair and prevents breakage and thinning at the crown. The use of a chin strap makes sure that the wig would be held securely on to the head it would free up the hands for styling.
  • If you have issues raising the arms for a prolonged period of time it is better to style your wig on a styling head and it should not be on your own head. It does make it easier to be styling the back of the wig along with other parts that you are not able to reach it easily.

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