How to Wash a Synthetic Hair Wig?

An important tip before you begin: “Remember that you can’t use heat to dry or style a synthetic hair wig,” Taylor says. “So, if you wear a synthetic hair wig, build in time for it to dry after washing.”

how to wash a synthetic wig?
  1. Prep: Use a wide-tooth comb to smooth the wig hair before washing. Take care not to pull or stretch the hair fibers.
  2. Wash: Fill a basin with cool water and add a capful of shampoo designed for washing synthetic wigs. Dunk the wig in the water and let it sit for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse: Swish the wig through the water to remove the shampoo. “Try to keep the flow of the water running with the wig’s hair shape so the hair doesn’t tangle,” Taylor says. Then, take the wig out of the water and refill the basin with clean, cool water. Swish the wig again until all the shampoo is washed out.
  4. Condition: Empty the basin and fill it with fresh water. Add a capful of conditioner to the water and dunk the wig, gently swishing it through the water.
  5. Dry: Blot the wig with a towel and place it on a wig stand or towel to air dry. Don’t use heat on a synthetic wig.
Once your wig is dry, spray it with a detangler or hair sheen product, combing the product through the fibers. You can style your wig with brush rollers or your fingers while it’s still damp. Sometimes, you can style a synthetic hair wig by gently shaking it, too.

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