What Is A Capless Wig?

First of all, what is a capless wig? What makes it different from other wigs? What are the advantages of a capless wig?

If you were as confused as I was, stay tuned! I have the low-down on just what a capless wig is and how one could be the right choice for you.

Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the terms "wig" and "capless wig" are often used interchangeably.

Various Types Of Wigs

There are several kinds of wigs. There are full lace, monofilament, and capless wigs. Let's start with what a wig cap is before we learn what a capless wig entails.

A wig cap consists of the base material of a wig. Try to picture in your mind the construction of a baseball cap.

A wig has the cap constructed in a similar way. The design mimics the shape of the head.

The wig cap is the foundation of a wig. Hair and style are attached to the cap.

A Capless Wig

The basic wig cap is also called capless, wefted, or open-cap. It is not that the wig has no cap; it does.

Wefts, or curtains of hair, are sewn onto a thin strip of elastic material. The wefts on a capless wig are less dense and are sewn-in with vertical lace strips.

This leaves a lot of open space in the cap.

Here are eight things that you should know about capless wigs:

#1 A Capless Wig Is Much Cooler
You will not feel as hot with a capless wig. Your hair and scalp will be able to breathe better than with a traditional cap wig.

The open spaces between the wefts allow for air to get through and give much better ventilation.

This will definitely be a factor if you live in a warmer climate or if your day will be a busy, hectic one.

#2 A Capless Wig Is Lighter
Because of how the wig is made, the entire wig is much lighter in weight with the spaces between the weft. This can be a factor when you wear the wig all day long and day after day.

#3 A Capless Wig Is Fitted With Elastic
Most capless wigs have fitted elastic adjustment straps. These straps go behind your ears and ensure that the wig stays in place.

They tend to be comfortable, again a plus when wearing a wig all day.

#4 A Capless Wig Is Affordable
This is a big bonus! Most capless wigs are about $150 or less. That means that they are affordable and in most people's price range.

To me, this would mean that you could probably have more than one capless wig. That would be great to be able to switch between different looks.

#5 A Capless Wig Has More Volume
To disguise the wefts, a technique called "permatease" hides the wefts from view at the part area.

It adds more volume to the wig at the top to help disguise the location of the part. It also helps to conceal the wig cap itself.

#6 A Capless Wig Is Easy To Care For
Comb a capless wig using a wide-tooth comb. You can also get a brush specially made for wigs.

Every seventh time you wear your wig, wash it with wig-friendly products in cool water. Let the wig air dry.

When you are not wearing it, please keep it on a wig stand to help maintain its shape.

#7 A Capless Wig Is Comfortable
The difference in weight will definitely make this type of wig more comfortable than heavier wigs.

If you have a sensitivity to weight on your head, a capless wig will be less likely to contribute to a headache.

#8 A Capless Wig Is Easy To Put On
A capless wig will come already styled. While this might not give much flexibility in choosing how to style your wig, the idea is to purchase one in the style that suits you.

Which means it will be ready to go when you are with no muss and fuss. Already being styled means it is easy to put on and the away you go!

ALAWIGS Offers Capless Wigs

ALAWIGS has several capless wigs to choose from at affordable prices. There are many colors to choose from, so you are not stuck with just a dark or light option.

These capless wigs are affordable, too, which makes you feel like you won't break the bank if you get two.

Lightweight, comfortable, easy to wear, and just downright cute, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you!

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