What is the Most Natural Looking Wig?

This is a question that many of you may be asking. When we’re on the hunt for an everyday wig or something for a special occasion or event, whether you’re looking for wigs for men, wigs for women, or wigs for kids, the last thing that you likely want is a wig that looks and feels like false hair. You want something that looks natural and feels comfortable. There are of course people who wear their wigs loud and proud, and we love that too! But if you want to disguise the fact that you have on a wig this information is for you.

So what really is the most natural looking wig out there?

It comes down to two things, hair and cap style.

Wig Hair

The wig hair is the first thing that would either conceal or give away the fact that you’re wearing a wig.

Types of wig hair range from synthetic to human hair, with different quality and variations of these. Typically if you find a very cheap synthetic wig, it’s going to look like a cheap synthetic wig. The great news is that there are affordable natural-looking options available to you.

The most pricey and most natural wig hair is Remy Human Hair. This is hair that is cut close to the crown of the donor, resulting in full-length strands that have not been dyed or colored, also known as virgin hair. These hairs are organized by color and length and hand-tied onto the cap for the ultimate natural-looking hair. The wigs are created from a single donor and look and feel like your own hair would.

Other human hair options are incredible and though they may not be the finest virgin hair, or possibly created from different donors, they can be just as beautiful and natural as the Remy Human Hair.

The great thing about human hair wigs is that they can be styled, washed, colored, and cut however you’d like.

Cap Style

There are a lot of different cap styles out there from full lace wigs, to lace front wigs, monofilament wigs, traditional weft caps, and more. Monofilament and lace front or full lace wigs tend to be the most natural-looking, and can actually be combined. There are many monofilament lace front wigs out there. One or both together are great choices for a natural appearance.

Monofilament caps can be worn by anyone, but are designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss. They are made of a very breathable material, and hairs are hand-tied onto the cap, so they can be styled or tousled into any direction that you choose.

Lace front and full lace wigs are made with a thin lace cap, that is nearly undetectable. The lace is thin and comfortable and blends right in with your scalp so it looks like the hair of your wig is growing right from your scalp.

At ALAWigs, we offer an extensive collection of all of these options that will give you the most organic look possible. We offer wigs with comfort and style. Most importantly our collection features versatility in color, price, and hairstyles so you can wear your wig with pride, and the only people who will know are the ones you tell.

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